Published: 05th August 2009
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Localization is a tool that helps in the sale of a product. A product must be highly attuned to the expectations of the target audience and those who influence that audience. To be successful, localization must pay particular attention to the age-range, language, and sub-culture of the audience, and to the nature of the product itself. There are numerous factors to consider for successful localization. Localization is the process of adapting all types of documents, materials, software, multimedia and websites to fit a target culture or language. SpanishTarget.com localization services include translation of texts but go one step further and account for accurate adaptation of images, graphics, code, and even messages to fit a specific target audience. Localization Services make product launch a success. Localization of software, websites, or other web applications helps adapt your content to fit the language and cultural requirements of a target client group. In so doing, localization increases the effectiveness of your efforts to:

* penetrate foreign markets

* reach new clients or consumer groups

* increase international sales

* gain a competitive advantage over regional rivals

If you have an application that you need to introduce to a new foreign market and want to make sure that the launch is a success, your product reaches more users, and your sales go through the roof, order localization services from SpanishTarget.com or, send your project in for a FREE localization quote. Localization Services have grown to become one of the core elements of SpanishTarget.com service operations. Through the years SpanishTarget.com has put a lot of effort into expanding its localization department in preparation to handle the growing demand for high-quality translations of software and related documentation. To this end, SpanishTarget.com created a separate software and website localization department that offers a wide array of localization services to clients and localization agencies worldwide, all in an effort to immediately handle your project regardless of size or complexity. Find out how SpanishTarget.com will approach your localization project by visiting the workflow section, or send an inquiry and a SpanishTarget.com Account Manager will immediately answer with specific information. SpanishTarget.com offers:

* Knowledgeable and experienced project managers who skillfully guide the project from its inception to its successful completion.

* Expert programmers and application testers who can extract the necessary sections for translation and localization (without harming the source code) and can then recompile the application and test it to make sure that it is fully functional in the target language.

* Pool of highly qualified translators and proofreaders who specialize in the subject matter of a given application and who are familiar with the needs of end clients.

* Professional audio/visual production facilities that use only highly qualified personnel such as professional actors and experienced technical staff.

* Linguistic and technical consultants to advise on the product's specifications.

* State-of-the-art localization tools. Our experts will choose the best tools to use for the application to be localized - it is imperative that each application to be localized must be analyzed and the best localization tool chosen. There is no one universal tool for all localization projects. SpanishTarget.com owns licenses for all the major localization tools. If you are searching for a localization company to complete your next localization project, contact SpanishTarget.com now, and take advantage of SpanishTarget.com experience and capacity that will help make your application understood to target users world-wide, raising your sales and increasing your market penetration. Ask SpanishTarget.com Translations for a free localization quote today!

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